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7 Habits that’ll get you ahead of 95% of People in their 20s



7 Habits that'll get you ahead of 95% of People in their 20s

Someone has rightly said that our habits tell what we will become in the future.If you apply good habits then you will be successful otherwise bad habits will spoil your life.Even those small habits that we sometimes ignore can bring huge results.

A man does not become great just by thinking, he becomes great when he starts doing that work. When he gets used to that thing.

Start building good habits

The question must be coming in everyone’s mind that what should we do at the age of 20 so that bad times never come after our 30s.Our parents always say that now is the time for you to do something.

Our family members have seen a lot in life, we should listen to their words carefully.

Now we take everything as a joke and say what will happen by doing small things?

Change life in week

We bring something for you that if you understand carefully, you will go a long way in life. So today we have brought such habits for you. If you start doing those, you can uproot everything in life.

7 Habits that’ll get you ahead of 95% of People in their 20s:

change habit change life

Learn to enjoy your own company.


• Travel alone.

• Take walks alone.

• Go to cafes alone.

Learn to be happy alone so you don’t waste your life chasing validation from others.

Delaying Gratification.

Every day, your dopamine is being drained.

• Phones

Social media

Hyper-palatable foods

This causes you to hop from stimulus to stimulus.

Over time, you become like 90% of people…

Unable to focus for more than 5 minutes.

Make it a daily habit to delay gratification.

Pick 1 habit:

• Writing


• Meditation

Anything with no immediate reward.

Practice it for 5 minutes and up the time every session.

Over a period of week/months, you’ll develop laser-like focus.


Writing is focused thinking.

It forces you to develop 1 idea at a time.

Just like your body can’t build muscle without exertion, your mind can’t build understanding without exertion.

Block out 1 hour a day – no notifications, no people – and write.


Questioning conditions you to look for answers:

• Who can help the most?

• What can be done better?

• How can it be done faster?

Asking questions will open loops in your brain and force it to find answers.

Taking Tactical Risks.

Your risk to reward ratio will never be better than in your 20s.

You can fuck up for 10 years straight and still be okay in your 30s.

Your downside is limited to 0 but your upside is limitless.

Don’t waster your 20s.

If you have low risk:

No kids

• Few liabilities

• Zero dependants

You can take “high” risks with:

• Business



Chase your “unrealistic” goals.

Giving Without Expectation.

Relationships shouldn’t be transactional.

Make friends with ambitious people and make it a habit to give value with O expectations.

This results in 10x returns. Goodwill compounds.

Saying “No.

say no to bad things like sugar

“Yes” to one opportunity is “no” to another.

Your focus is your most powerful currency and your time is your most important asset.

Save it for what will move the needle the most.

Say no to everything else.

Atomic habits can change life

There is a lot of power in Habits, you will know if you read the book of Atomic Habits.



SA VS AUS: If Australia wins, what will be the benefit to India?



SA VS AUS: If Australia wins, what will be the benefit to India?

Today, on 12th October, the match between South Africa and Australia is occurring. It is taking place at Ekana Sports City Stadium which is in Lucknow. The match is going very well. South Africa is also a powerful team and Australia is also a solid team. It is said that just as a lion has attacked a lion, the same is happening today.

Tell me directly, what is the benefit to India if Australia wins?

Hey friend, just have a little patience, we will definitely tell you what are the benefits to India and how will India benefit.

Hey brother, just have a little patience, we will definitely tell you what are the benefits of this media and what and how will India benefit. I will explain it to you in such a way that you will believe that yes, this can happen. You must be wondering how it is proved that if Australia wins then what is the benefit for India in this?


Suppose there are three people A, B, and C. The names of these three are Ram, Shyam, and Mohan.

Ram had a fight with Sham a few days ago. in which Ram defeated Sham. The names of these three are Ram, Shyam, and Mohan.

You must be wondering what is this Mohan here for? Hey friend, wait, now he will also enter. After a few days, Shyam has a fight with Mohan. Shyam defeats Mohan in this fight. Which proves that Shyam is stronger than Mohan. You are not thinking that Shyam is the very bad boy in this, who keeps fighting with everyone.

will know soon.

Ram VS Mohan

Then after a few days, there is an argument between Ram and Mohan. Aren’t you thinking that there is a season of wars going on, that wars are happening again and again?

After this debate, Mohan thinks that I have to fight with Ram.

Then some intelligent man comes and explains to Mohan that you have lost to Shyam, the Ram with whom you are going to fight is also your father’s father, which means that he has defeated Shyam in the fight.

But this hot-blooded Shyam does not accept this and he goes to fight with Ram, but as soon as the fight starts, Ram defeats Mohan. This was bound to happen because Shyam was stronger than Mohan. And Ram is stronger than Shyam. So the simple thing is that he is much stronger than Mohan.

In this story, Ram is India, Shyam is Australia and Mohan is South Africa. India defeated Australia just a few days ago and if Australia defeats South Africa then it proves that India’s victory is certain because it has a stronger team than Australia’s cricket team.

This would have cleared your doubt that if Australia wins then what is the benefit to India?

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The Railway Revolution: Vande Bharat’s 14-Minute Marvel Takes Cleaning to New Heights! 🚄🧹✨



wrb 20230930 234307 0000

The “14-minute miracle” initiative for Vande Bharat trains will be launched at 29 locations, including Anand Vihar, Chennai, Puri, and Shirdi. It’s great to see such innovative efforts to keep the trains clean and ready for the next trip in just 14 minutes! 🚄🧹

Japan’s bullet trains have really set a high standard with their “7-minute miracle” cleaning process. It’s great to see that Vande Bharat trains are working towards achieving a similar feat with their “14-minute miracle” initiative. Having three trained cleaning staff members per coach shows their commitment to maintaining cleanliness and efficiency. Kudos to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw for overseeing this launch at Delhi Cantt station! 🚄🧹

That’s great to hear! The “14-minute miracle” initiative is a part of the ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ campaign by the Ministry of Railways. It’s wonderful that the cleaning activities will be documented for analysis and feedback to further improve the scheme. It’s a proactive approach to ensure cleanliness and efficiency in the railway system. 🚄🧹

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Jab We Met 2: Love’s Rekindled Symphony



Ganesh 20230917 172454 0000

OMG, “Jab We Met 2”! 🎥✨Againnnn!!!!!! Get ready to be swept off your feet as Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor reunite on the silver screen, bringing back the magic that made “Jab We Met” a cult classic! 👫💖 This time, their love story takes an unexpected turn, weaving together laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments that will leave you craving for more! 🌟🎭 With stunning visuals, foot-tapping music, and the undeniable chemistry between Shahid and Kareena, “Jab We Met 2” promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience that will make your heart skip a beat! So buckle up and get ready to embark on a beautiful journey of love, self-discovery, and second chances! 🚀🌠🎬

1. “Get ready to witness the epic reunion of Shahid and Kareena, as they bring back the magic that stole our hearts in the first film!”

2. “This time, their love story takes a twist as they navigate through new challenges, making us laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again!”

3. “With breathtaking locations, soul-stirring music, and the sizzling chemistry between Shahid and Kareena, “Jab We Met 2″ is set to be an unforgettable cinematic experience!”

4. “Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as this iconic duo takes us on a journey filled with laughter, tears, and a whole lot of romance .

Can’t wait for “Jab We Met 2” to hit the screens! 🤩🎬🎉

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A Majestic Fusion: Pune’s Ayodhya-Inspired Ganesh Pandal Sets the Stage for Spectacular Celebrations!



20230917 131009 0000

That’s really fascinating! The Ganesh pandal themed on Ayodhya’s Ram Temple being constructed in Pune by the Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Trust is going to be a sight to behold during Ganesh Chaturthi. It’s incredible to see the fusion of two iconic symbols of devotion and culture. Can’t wait to witness the beauty and craftsmanship firsthand! 🙏🏼🐘

Here are a few more unique points about the Ayodhya-inspired Ganesh pandal in Pune:

1. Symbolic Harmony:

The pandal beautifully combines the essence of Lord Ganesh and the Ram Temple, promoting unity and cultural diversity.

2. Intricate Details:

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in recreating the Ram Temple within the pandal will leave visitors in awe.

3. Spiritual Significance:

This pandal serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted connection between Lord Ganesh and Lord Ram, enhancing the spiritual experience for devotees.

4. Cultural Exchange:

It fosters a sense of cultural exchange by bringing together two significant religious and cultural symbols in one grand celebration.

5. Community Participation:

The construction of the pandal involves the active participation of the community, promoting a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility.

6. Inspiring Devotion:

This unique pandal inspires devotion and reverence for both Lord Ganesh and Lord Ram, creating a memorable experience for all.

Get ready for an unforgettable Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at this extraordinary pandal! 🌟🐘

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A Tasty Treat for Trade: Government Assures No Negative Impact on Domestic Producers! 🍎🌰🌍




It’s interesting to see how the Centre responded to Priyanka Gandhi’s comment regarding the import duty on US apples. The clarification provided by the government sheds light on the rationale behind the decision and aims to address any misconceptions. It’s important to have open discussions and transparent communication to ensure a better understanding of the policies and their implications. 🍎

The government’s recent statement about removing additional duties on US apples, walnuts, and almonds is a game-changer. It shows their commitment to supporting our local producers while also promoting international trade. This decision could lead to a wider variety of these products in the market, giving consumers more choices and giving our economy a boost. It’s a win-win situation that promotes sustainability and creates a more inclusive global trade environment. 🌍🍎🌰

This decision could potentially lead to increased availability and variety of these products in the market, benefiting consumers and fostering economic growth. It’s a step towards a more sustainable and inclusive global trade environment.

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